This page is the new location of the website, starting in February 2012.  The original website was created and managed by Bill All.  A Time for Science has maintained control of the website and we will continue working with the Carolina Skies Astronomy Club in future activities.

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2015 Events

These events (presentations and star parties) are free to attend and open to the public.  For those with further interest, there is a Astronomy Club you can join and become a member.  Just contact Byron Mumaw.  All activities start at the Green Resource Center (Directions) at the designated time, typically around sunset.

January 24 – January’s program will focus on Mars and the news about methane surges that have been detected by the Mars Science Laboratory.  Come at 6:30 pm on the indoor program at A Time for Science Nature and Science Learning Center.  Planetarium trip to Mars (and exploration of surface features) by Charles Goodman, PCC physics and astronomy.  Watch the progress of landing techniques from the rovers, to the Phoenix, to Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory.  Short talk on possible methane sources on Mars by Dr. Bob Christian, ECU biology.  Weather permitting the outdoor program will feature the winter circle of stars and constellations as well as a peak at Comet Lovejoy if we are lucky.  Remember there are no clouds in the planetarium, so come and enjoy.  Update:  See the Mars Presentation News posting here for information about this event.

February 21 – “Jupiter at its Best”  Start the evening early at 6:00 pm with an exciting Planetarium Show in the Chia-yu Li Planetarium ($5.00/person).  Thereafter, the Astronomy Club’s indoor program on Jupiter will be presented around 6:30 pm (Free).  Planet Jupiter reaches opposition on February 6, making February the best time this year to observe the giant planet.  Enjoy the view through a variety of telescopes. If the sky is cloudy, still come out and enjoy the planetarium.

March 21 – Starting at 7:00 pm there will be a Planetarium Show in the Chia-yu Planetarium ($5.00/person).  The full dome video “Two Small Pieces of Glass,” showing the history of the telescope will be shown.  Afterwards, at approximately 7:30 pm, the club program will start including a free presentation of the night sky in the planetarium followed by outdoor telescope observations of the night sky.

April 25 – Statewide Star Party.  More info and registration are here.

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