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Planetarium Ribbon Cutting

Planetarium Ribbon Cutting

Friday, March 27

Chia-yu Li Planetarium on the A Time for Science Campus

9:00 am to 11:00 am

Cost – No Charge

All are invited to this “official” opening of the Chia-yu Li Planetarium followed by a light reception and several short demonstrations of the capabilities of this full-dome theater.

Great Backyard Bird Count 2015

With the assistance of hardy bird enthusiasts, Sean Gough led us on a very successful bird count.  The count began at 7 am when the temperature was 22 degrees.  It continued around the meadows, ponds and woods at A Time for Science until around 11:30.  The number of species identified during those 4.5 hours was 27 and the number of birds observed was 588.  Here is the full list:

  • American crow – 18
  • mourning dove – 7
  • blue jay – 7
  • American goldfinch – 23 (Again, had to use best estimate on these)
  • wood duck – 17
  • northern cardinal – 8
  • mallard – 2
  • yellow-rumped (Myrtle) warbler – 10
  • northern flicker – 4
  • American robin – 9
  • Carolina chickadee – 6
  • turkey vulture – 10
  • eastern phoebe – 4
  • Carolina wren – 3
  • eastern bluebird – 2
  • northern mockingbird – 3
  • Downy woodpecker – 2
  • dark-eyed junco (slate-colored race) – 13
  • white-throated sparrow – 4
  • song sparrow – 3
  • chipping sparrow – 3
  • red-wing blackbird – 10
  • common grackle – 10
  • blackbird sp. – ~200
  • ring-billed gull – 75
  • gull sp. – ~125
  • Canada Geese – 10

Here are some photos taken by one of the birders, Lorelei Senna.

Mars, Methane and Methane Producers

On Jan 24, 2015 Dr. Bob Christian, East Carolina University Biology Department, presented “Mars, Methane and Methane Producers” at a Carolina Skies Astronomy Club event hosted by A Time for Science in the Chia-yu Li Memorial Planetarium.  We had a good crowd in attendance from all ages.  After the talk everyone got a chance to view a clear night sky using telescopes provided by club members.

The video is below and seen here on YouTube.  The PowerPoint presentation is available here.  Sorry about the sound in the video, keep in mind, we are in a planetarium.  :)

IMG_3925 IMG_3927
IMG_3924 IMG_3930

January Carolina Skies Astronomy Club

January’s program will focus on Mars and the news about methane surges that have been detected by the Mars Science Laboratory.  Come at 6:30 pm on the indoor program at A Time for Science Nature and Science Learning Center.  Planetarium trip to Mars (and exploration of surface features) by Charles Goodman, PCC physics and astronomy.  Watch the progress of landing techniques from the rovers, to the Phoenix, to Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory.  Short talk on possible methane sources on Mars by Dr. Bob Christian, ECU biology.  Weather permitting the outdoor program will feature the winter circle of stars and constellations as well as a peak at Comet Lovejoy if we are lucky.  Remember there are no clouds in the planetarium, so come and enjoy.  Register here.

Creatures of the Night 2014 Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone that came out for the First Annual Creatures of the Night 5K Trail Run!  What a success! We had nearly 100 runners and on top of that, lots of family and friends came out to cheer the runners on!  We hope you enjoyed the campfires, music, food and fun!  Congrats to those of you that completed the run, those of you that won in your age groups, and let’s not forget the costume contest winners!  I hope you all come out for this again next year!!

Lawson Legacy Days

On Saturday, November 8 A Time for Science will be on-site at the  Grifton Historical Museum in Grifton, NC for John Lawson Legacy Days.  The event is being held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Visit the ATFS displays, featuring “old-timey” toys, blacksmithing and basket making, at this history festival which celebrates the pioneering heritage of Eastern North Carolina.  For more information, call 252.524.0190 or visit JohnLawsonLegacyDays.org

Creatures of the Night Hayride

Hop aboard for a hayride through the woods at A Time for Science to see where the creatures of the night hang out!  Listen to stories and legends about the beavers, bats, owls, and others. “Creature” hayrides leave promptly at 5, 6 & 7 o’clock. Stay a while for additional storytelling at the campfire with marshmallow roasting as well.   Note, this is not a “haunted” hayride.

See this page for more info and registration.

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